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The brief

Freefolk is a new brand formed from the merger between Finish - a London-based, globally renowned post production house - and Realise Studios, a New York CG business. Freefolk needed a beautiful and intuitive website to support the launch of their new brand. The new site needed to provide an impactful destination for press, as well as remarkable resource for future and existing clients.

Our solution

As Finish had over a decade of footage to catalogue we felt that the site should not only act as a portfolio, but give the internal teams the power and control to create client specific pages with content managed reels. Designed in collaboration with Planning Unit, by using a bunch of smart loading techniques and extending the Wagtail CMS to make things nicely intuitive for the content creator, Freefolk got a little more than they bargained for. In a good way.

Hactar have an incredible team that are able to discuss, develop and deliver with passion, know-how and personality. We’ve loved working with them and look forward to toasting a job well done over a pint!

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