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In 2017 we worked with UNISON to take a five page, paper-based Branch Assessment document and transform it into something that made annual planning a useful and straightforward process for HQ, Branch and Regional managers alike.

We built an Alpha product which focussed heavily on developing functionality around the rudimentary questions and answers, and bolstered this with an emphasis on reciprocity - why should I devote my time to completing this work if there’s nothing to show for it at the end? - giving users instant access to graphs and charts based on their answers and available financial data.

With Alpha live, and a year of positive qual and quant data behind it, we revisited the platform earlier this year. As part of this phase of work we designed and deployed an integrated financial module, geographical mapping visualisations of branch membership and representatives, side-by-side comparison of responses to questions year-on-year, and functionality for UNISON to suggest actions to managers.

The functions were designed, tested, and live in under eight weeks.

Hactar were a joy to work with. Their enthusiasm and commitment shone through from the outset and was a major factor in our ability to deliver a high quality, co-designed, considered solution to a complicated problem. Their broad experience and lean approach ensured that the ambitious delivery timetable was met.
– Steve Loweth, UNISON National Officer

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