Wellcome Trust

Tech strategy, UX, design and front end build

The brief

The Wellcome Trust asked us to design and build a website for their new Understanding Patient Data initiative. The site needed to launch as an MVP, be scalable - ultimately capable of displaying hundreds of studies and articles in an easily navigable fashion - as well as providing tools, resources and objective evidence around the responsible use of patient data and health information. There was a broad audience for the site, including; Charities, Clinicians, Patients and Patient Groups, Policy makers, general Media, and the Department of Health.

Our solution

Sharing personal data is a controversial topic, and the conversation needed to be addressed in an unbiased manner. We made sure that the UPD site was seen first and foremost as a broker of information about how patient data is used - at all times it should be perceived as wholly impartial. Something design patterns, something not too staid but trustworthy, something front end.

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